Collection: Russian T-90 3938

Russian T-90 3938 RC TANK

The Russian T-90 3938 RC Tank is a highly detailed and realistic remote-controlled replica of the formidable T-90 battle tank used by the Russian Armed Forces. Measuring approximately 16 inches in length, this RC tank boasts exceptional attention to detail, closely mimicking the design and features of its real-life counterpart. With a fully functional turret that can rotate 320 degrees and a barrel that can elevate and depress, the T-90 3938 provides an immersive and interactive experience. Equipped with infrared battle capabilities, it allows users to engage in exciting simulated combat scenarios with other compatible tanks. Its durable construction and robust off-road capabilities enable it to conquer various terrains effortlessly, while its powerful motors provide swift and smooth maneuverability. With its realistic engine sounds, authentic lighting effects, and multiple speed settings, the T-90 3938 delivers an engaging and realistic RC tank experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

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