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Bunker VS tANK

The remote-controlled tank with a bunker is a comprehensive game and play kit created for boys who enjoy military-themed toys. The tank is operated using a 27MHz remote control and is colored in green forest camouflage, constructed entirely out of plastic with rubber tracks. This toy features war sounds like tank firing noises, shot sounds, light effects, red diodes that count hits from the bunker, and realistic recoil when shooting. The turret collapses after receiving three hits, and the tank can be immobilized for 30 seconds if defeated by accurate and rapid shots from the bunker. The tank, resembling a real one, has a tracked undercarriage with rubber tracks for good traction, a rotating turret that can fire 360 degrees, effective lighting for a great visual effect in low-light conditions, and an opening hatch in the turret. It operates on a rechargeable battery, reducing ongoing expenses, and the bunker can rotate, flash LEDs, play war music, and aim continually when activated.

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