Collection: 1/24 SCALE

1/24 Scale RC Constructions

1/24 scale RC construction vehicles are miniature versions of real construction machinery that can be controlled remotely. These miniatures are crafted with high-quality materials to replicate the essence and functionality of their larger counterparts. Emulating excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, and loaders, they come equipped with a remote control system that allows users to operate them just like the real machines.
Despite their small size , these RC construction vehicles are capable of handling tasks such as digging, lifting heavy materials, and simulating realistic movements. Users can control the vehicles using the remote, enabling them to drive forward or backward, turn, raise and lower arms, and even operate additional attachments.
These RC construction vehicles offer a unique experience for people of all ages, providing a realistic and immersive way to engage in the world of construction and operate heavy machinery with precision.

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