Collection: German King Tiger (Henschel) 3888

German King Tiger Henschel 3888 RC TANK

The German King Tiger (Henschel) 3888 RC Tank is a highly detailed and realistic replica of the iconic World War II tank. Built to a 1/16 scale, it captures the essence of the original tank with its authentic design and features. The tank is made of durable materials and equipped with a powerful electric motor, enabling it to traverse various terrains with ease. It features radio-controlled functions, including forward and backward movement, left and right steering, and turret rotation. Additionally , it boasts a range of impressive details such as a fully functional suspension system, working LED headlights, and realistic sounds. The German King Tiger (Henschel) 3888 RC Tank provides enthusiasts an immersive and thrilling experience, allowing them to recreate history and engage in epic battles.

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