Collection: German Panzer IV (F2 Type) 3859

German Panzer IV (F2 Type) 3859 RC TANK

The German Panzer IV (F2 Type) 3859 RC Tank is a highly accurate and intricately detailed replica of the iconic World War II tank. With a length of approximately 16 inches, this 1:24 scale model showcases the signature robustness and firepower of the original Panzer IV. It features a realistic suspension system, full 320-degree turret rotation, and a barrel that can elevate and depress. Equipped with a powerful motor, this tank can reach a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. The tank is controlled with a user-friendly remote controller that allows for precise movements and immersive battles. The F2 Type variant specifically replicates the upgraded version of the Panzer IV with enhanced armor and a long-barrelled 75mm gun. With its durable construction and authentic design, the German Panzer IV (F2 Type) 3859 RC Tank offers enthusiasts and collectors a thrilling and historically accurate experience.

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