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3D6G Brushless Vertical Airplane(58) X450


3D6G Brushless Vertical Airplane(58) X450

The X450 RC plane is a sleek and agile model aircraft designed for enthusiasts and hobbyists. With a wingspan of 450mm, it boasts exceptional maneuverability and stability. Its lightweight yet durable construction, often crafted from foam or composite materials, ensures nimble flight performance. Equipped with advanced radio control technology, it offers precise handling and responsive control, allowing pilots to perform aerobatic stunts and intricate maneuvers with ease. The X450’s streamlined design, coupled with powerful electric motors, enables impressive speed and range, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor flying experiences. Overall, it’s a thrilling and versatile choice for RC aviation enthusiasts.

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  • Specifications:

    • Vertical takeoff to land, no runway needed.
    • Strong EPO material that is anti-crash.
    • With 6-gyroscope hold height design, 3D / 6G mode, 3D mode for aerobatic fun fly 6G mode stabilized flight easy for beginners.
    • Equipped with 3 pcs powerful 1370 brushless motor with high power and excellent performance.
    • High quality advanced 2.4G remote controller with more then 300m control range.
    • Remote mode: 2.4G mode 2/mode 1 switchable
    • Material: EPO
    • Wing: 450mm
    • Length: 445mm
    • Height: 140mm
    • Wing motors: 3*1370 Brushless motor
    • Servo: 1*9g digital servos and 4.3 digital servos
    • Flying weight: 209g
    • Battery: Li-Poly 11.1V(1000MAH) 20C
    • Flight time: 15-16mins
    • Charging time: about 50 minutes
    • Battery for transmitter: 6*AA (not included)
    • Range control: more then 300m
    • Drone weight: 209g
    • Package weight: 1.7kgs
  • Package Includes:

    • 1 x X450 plane
    • 1 x remote controller
    • 1 x LiPo battery
    • 1 x charger set
    • 2 x spare propeller
    • 1 x front wheel
    • 2 x rear wheel rack
    • 1 x vertical wing
    • 1 x tools set
    • 1 x Manual