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ZY325 RC Airplane

Unleash your passion for flying with the ZY325 RC airplane. This sleek and agile aircraft offers an exciting blend of speed and maneuverability. Equipped with a reliable motor and intuitive controls, it provides an exhilarating flying experience for pilots of all skill levels. Its durable construction ensures resilience against crashes, while its compact size makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're performing loops, rolls, or simply enjoying leisurely flights, the ZY325 delivers unmatched fun and excitement. Take to the skies and soar with confidence with this versatile RC airplane.

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  • Specifications:

    • Battery: 3.7v150mah
    • Flight height: 150 meters
    • Remote control distance: 150 meters
    • Flight time: 12-15 minutes
      Charging time: about 30 minutes
    • Materials: epp airplane model, professional materials, plastic, electronic components
    • Remote control mode: 2.4g wireless remote control ratio
    • Body battery: rechargeable lithium batter
    • Drone weight: 0.4KG
  • Package Includes:

    • 1 x Wireless Airplane Toy
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 2 x Blades
    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x Manual