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1/16 Off-road Crawler C54-1

C54-1 1/16 Off-road Crawler

1/16 Off-road Crawler C54-1 Ready to run (Plug and Play).
The WPL C54-1 is an RC PRO CRAWLER, a 1/16 scale Off-road Crawler designed for serious off-road enthusiasts. With exceptional crawling capabilities, durable construction, and precise control, it delivers an exhilarating and challenging RC crawling experience. Ideal for those seeking top-tier performance in a compact size, offering unmatched excitement and capability on rough terrains.

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1/16 Off-road Crawler C54-1

What's new in the 2023 C54-1 RTR?

25g steering servo
260 size new motor
New revised gearbox, higher overhang with counter rotating output!
New shocks design *adjustable height
New chassis design
New chassis linkages to reduce wheel binding
Front panhard link setup