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C74 Jimny - RTR

WPL CRAWLER - C74 Jimny - RTR  Crawler

A realistic scaled down of the 1995 Jimny JA11 & it's Officially Licensed by Suzuki! 

C74 Jimny RTR comes pre-assembled with Remote, Battery & Charger for the car. Just plug and play out of the box!Great for beginner. Also a good start for your kid to enroll in RC hobby with you!This is the version with Proportional Steering and Throttle for precise & realistic control plus a 2S 7.4V Li-Ion battery*4pins for powerful performance and long run time.

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C74 Jimny - RTR

What's NEW in the C74 RTR?

  • Officially Licensed by Suzuki
  • First 1/10 scale WPL C series
  • Axle mounted servo
  • 370 motor
  • Counter rotating gearbox introduced in new 2023 C54 RTR
  • First leaf spring chassis on C series