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A900 RTF Brushless Airplane


A900 RTF Brushless Airplane

Introducing the A900 RC Airplane Brushless, a dynamic aircraft catering to beginners and advanced flyers alike. Crafted from durable EPP+ engineering materials, it guarantees longevity. The 1404 brushless motor provides potent thrust, complemented by a 1.9g digital servo for rapid response. The 6-axis gyroscope ensures stability and easy control, adaptable for diverse scenarios.

Toggle between 3D/6G modes for varied flying styles; 6G mode offers auto-stabilization for beginners, progressing to 3D mode for advanced aerobatics. Replaceable components simplify maintenance. The adaptable flight control system accommodates different receivers, featuring multiple flight modes and rubber-equipped landing gear for unique maneuvers. Experience excitement with the versatile A900 RC Airplane Brushless.

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  • A900 RTF Brushless Airplane


    • Crafted from resilient EPP+ engineering materials, ensuring impact resistance.
    • Empowered by a robust 1404 brushless motor and a 1.9g high-precision digital servo for swift response.
    • Features a 6-axis gyroscope with attitude lock, offering a switchable 3D/6G mode suitable for various scenarios and ideal for both beginners and advanced flyers. Allows easy air mode conversion between beginner and aerobatics modes.
    • Components like blades, motors, and wings are removable for effortless replacement. The flight control system incorporates two receiver conversion sockets compatible with FUTABA (S-BUS) J and DSM receivers.
    • Multiple flight modes include outdoor 6G level flight, outdoor stunt mode, and outdoor one-key rollover mode, providing diverse flying experiences.
    • Equipped with front and rear rubber parts on the landing gear, enabling glide landings and outdoor glide takeoffs, facilitating a smooth transition to fixed-wing mode.
  • A900 RTF Brushless Airplane

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x RC Plane
    • 1 x Remote Controller
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • 1 x Manual