2.4G 3D 6-Channels Mini Drone

The X100 is truly a unique drone for pros, it features everything you will find in a conventional drone, however, What you’ll notice first about the X100 is that it comes with a controller that allows you to switch between 3D and 6D modes. What does this mean? In other words, you’ll be able to fly the X100 in acrobatic or ‘acro’ mode, thereby allowing much greater control over the aircraft compared to other micro quadcopters.


Included in the package:
1 x X100 RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter (X100 BNF without Transmitter)
1 x 3.7V 250mAh Battery
4 x Propeller Set
1 x Charger
1 x User Manual

Drone Measurements:

Drone Weight:
37g including battery.

 Hobby Grade 

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