Samsung VR? Oculus? No need to spend over $400 dollars on Virtual Reality Goggles.

Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones with screen size of 3.5 ~ 6"screen inches (measured diagonally).

Goggles Features:
3D Virtual Reality glasses 
55mm ULTRA-LARGE lenses for optimal VR experience
Suitable for Android and IOS smartphones that screen between 3.5 ~ 6 inches 
Can be used for RC-PRO FPV Drones using RC-PRO FPV app
Can be used to play your favourite titles like GTA V. or even increase your productivity by using it as a surroung virtual monitor 
Adjustable lenses to avoid eye strain, blurry and headaches of traditional cardboard VR
Head mount for a totally immersive VR.
Material: Polycarbonate and Polysilicone

Included in the package: 
VR FPV Goggles
Lens Cloth
Product Manual

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Would this be too close to my eyes?? 
The lenses we used are asymmetrically biconvex so images would seem to be a lot farther than they may seem to be since these lenses bend light and give you a longer focal distance. 

Would this be only good for making 2D movies into 3D? 
No, you can play simulation and games on the playstore and also stream pc titles into your VR like GTA V.

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