RC-PRO is a privately owned company which was established in 2009 after realizing the potential in the growing Hobby industry while concetrating on R/C drones and boats. Over the past 9 years RC-PRO has become a main player in the Canadian Hobby industry. RC-PRO operates on both wholesale and retail levels and is a proud supplier to over 90% of the hobby shops in the country. In addition, we operate our retail outlets in shopping Centers across BC during the holiday season.

Our research never stops and new products and concepts are introduced regularly so make sure you bookmark our website and visit us every once in a while


We have officially launched a website dedicated to our US clients and dealers with all US$ rates and dealers information.




As in every spring, we have LOTS new awesome items to offer! New BRUSHLESS 4x4 VehiclesR/C BATTLE TANKS, HIGH-END CONSTRUCTION MODELS, SLOT CARS SETS, DINOSAURS COLLECTIOS and so much more!! Click on the pictures for more information




Our Tsawwassen Mills location is officially open and ready for 2018 Holiday season. Come and try all of our models in our Experience store where we have all of our models ready to go! This is our only outlet location in North-America.


Who wants a shiny new 2.4G R/C Construction model? We go them!! 
With 2.4G Technology you can play with a bunch of different models at the same time, basically, create your own construction site. In addition, these models contain Die-cast parts and have full line of support which includes parts and service.










Our new shiny line of items for summer 2018 is officially here!! NEW R/C CARS - 1/18 4WD Monster truck, Upgraded 1/18 4WD DESERT-RUSH buggy, 1/12 4WD SHREDDER and more!! New Drones models PRO16 and PRO16+ with over 14 minutes flight time are out as well. Click on the images to view their pages with videos, pictures and info.







The PRO20-GPS has officially launched and now offered at retailers all over Canada and California. Featuring Return-To-home, HD Wide-angle camera with motorized gimbal and so much more. Visit the PRO20-GPS page for pictures, videos and info. We also proud to offer the new COMPASS-RG65 650MM Category R/C sailboat .






Halloween is officialy over and it's starting to feel alot like Christmass and as in every year, we have some new treats for the holiday season. We are introducing our new line of AR GUNS (Augmented Reality), the new C-17 R/C Bomber, new LOZ MINECRAFT characters and more... It's already at the shop, come check it out!





Our Tsawwassen Mills outlet store has re-opened and ready for business. Come and see our cool new line of boats, drones, planes and so much more. In addition, we are testing this year some Halloween concepts which includes costumes and animatronics.






The PRO15 is our newest addition to our 2017 lineup. This is a uniquely designed 2.4G FPV Camera Folding drone. Keep it safely in your pocket and use it whenever you are ready for pictures, videos or just flying fun.  It is equipped with an "Altitude-Hold" feature which makes taking pictues or vieos a breeze. This model is extremely durable due to it's folding design and is fully packed with all the features you are looking for. visit our PRO15 page for pictures and more information.






Our new addition to our Drone's collection has just arrive, our PRO14 DIY Block Drone is available to purchase through our retailers, visit our PRO14 page for pictures and more information.






RC-PRO Is proud to announce the launch of our new R/C SONIC High-Speed boats line-up.

Starting tomorrow you will be able to find our new boats at retailers all over the country, this line includes a 14", 19" and 26" blazing water monsters. Have a look at our R/C Boats page for more information.






Our sourcing team has returned from Hong-Kong's largest fair of the industry and spent some time at the factories we co-operate with in mainland China. After months of research and quality control, we are happy to announce that we will have many new  products all ready to showcase on beginning of April, we will have another launch of more products in late May. Stay tuned as news and updates will follow soon.


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